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"Leadership is always a matter of Relationships"

                                                                                                                                                -Eddie Mac


"Development is a cornerstone for Leadership"

                                                                                                                                             -Eddie Mac



"Across the broad spectrum of Leadership, this book hits dead center on its usefulness and importance."


Professor N,W. Lees

Columbia Southern University

"The concepts explained and the information provided in Relationship Leadership are timeless."


Dr. James H. Schindler, DBA (ret.)

Dept. Head, Air Force Management Studies

Civilian Leadership Development School

Maxwell AFB, AL

Author of Followership: What It Takes to Lead

"The ideas, concepts, behaviors, and approaches are extremely pertinent and applicable to a Leader's role and effectiveness at any level."


Dr. Rod Grissett

Maxillofacial Surgeon

"Great book for anyone ready to lead people. I wish I had this book years ago when I started my company."



Donnie Roberts

Owner/Broker ReMax Realty Group

"It was a great book for any upcoming supervisor!!! As a combat team leader in Afghanistan, I understand the importance of great communication between you and your troops. They have to trust and respect you!!! This is a must read!!!!"


Det. Eric Jackson (ret.)


"This book is a must read for individuals in supervisory roles. Excellent points made on all fronts of leadership! This book was well written, but put together in an easily understood script!"



Sgt. Justin Rundles

Kentucky State Police


Several organizations provide Relationship Leadership training for their Leadership staff. These are a few members of the

Relationship Leadership family.

Relationship Leadership

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"Harness the Power!"

How We Do It!

By teaching the development and use of Relationships in a Leadership role!

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Relationship Leadership

As the leading authority on Leadership from the Relationship perspective, we specialize in helping you close the Relationship gap between Leadership and Employees.

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Is a witty and entertaining perspective that will change the way you lead others, and serve as the cornerstone for your success as a powerful Relationship leader!

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